Here's what patients are saying about chiropractic care with Dr. Brenda Laue.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the most professional and helpful Chiropractic services you have provided for my wife Bonnie and myself over the past 12 years. Having personal lower back problems since I was a young man I have had numerous chiropractors treat my symptoms and you are at the top for treatment. I would recommend your professional chiropractic services to all my friends and family members. Thank you again for all your assistance and helping Bonnie and I have an improved and healthier quality of life.

Dr. Grice has always come through in fixing my body when it aches. She is very trustworthy and efficient. She has the “magic touch” and an arsenal of different tools and techniques, which she knows when and how to apply. I feel the difference when I go in to see her and when I am done. It is just night and day.

I have worked with a dozen different chiropractors in my life so far, but Dr. Brenda Laue is my favorite. She is compassionate, concerned and highly competent in her approach to my health. The first time she worked on me using the Groston tools, which quickly and gently smoothe out the knots in my muscles (or so it feels), I was surprised no other chiropractor I'd worked with also used this modality, which works so well for me. I now get bimonthly treatments from Brenda which keep my body tuned up -- this is essential for my health as I work at a computer (I'm a writer) and hate to exercise. But whenever my spine, joints or feet get tight or "go out," Brenda brings them all back into balance again in only one or two sessions. I recommend getting chiropractic tune-ups regularly versus crisis-mode sessions -- Brenda's blend of chiropractic support has improved my health and my life!

I found Brenda because her office was next to my work and I needed treatment for a chronic shoulder and neck muscles inflammation. Within 3 weeks all pain was gone and it was like I newer had it in the first place. She suggested to me all the adjustments I need to make to my weightlifting routine as to not agitate the inflamed tendons. I now visit her at least once a month for over all general adjustments.

Meeting Dr. Brenda Laue has definitely improved the quality of my life. A dear friend of mine introduced me to her last year. As a professional musician and dancer, weekly adjustments with her have become my saving grace. She has cured ailments such as headaches and stress-related issues and guided me towards better flexibility and posture. My stance has become taller and stronger. My nights have been more restful and my dancing has become more fluid. She is a wonderful doctor. I consider myself lucky to have found her.

Previously I was skeptical about chiropractors...however - the trick is to find one who is experienced, knowledgable and personable.
Dr. Laue is all that and more. She is sensitive to each person's specific needs and comfort level - I'm more flexible and less stiff after only two visits!
I'm sold on the process and exceptionally pleased with Dr. Laue.

Brenda has always been unfailingly thorough, kind, professional, and helpful to me, and I have seen her on and off for the last 20 years. She was my first chiropractor and though I have tried others over the years, she remains the best and most honest, and I have stopped going elsewhere. She never does anything that risks your safety and she heeds any discomfort you report (so be sure to communicate as clearly as you can about what you are feeling!). She has never pushed any product on me or suggested anything that was not needed or which would drain my wallet, which is why I was able to visit her during lean times as well as better ones. She has worked on me during different life phases, including years when I was significantly heavier than I am now, and treated me respectfully the whole time. She has been able to squeeze me in for appointments with little advance notice, as well, which can be a boon to those with irregular schedules. She has a real gift for the work, the kind that's rare, so visit her if you can get to Burbank. It will be worth your time and can help you feel considerably better.

BI love love LOVE how amazing my back feels after going to see Brenda. It's amazing - She does in 10 minutes what would take a masseuse literally days to do. I'm a convert! All because of Brenda! Highly recommend....if you have back problems, she's the one to see.

Dr Brenda Laue is very thorough and knowledgeable chiropractor. I started seeing her for back, neck, and plantar fasciitis. I feel much better after my visits. With the plantar issues she has done a much better job then the podiatrist I saw a year ago. She is very personable and has good bed side manor. She really takes her time with you and also educating you. I highly recommend seeing her.

Dr Brenda Laue-formerly Dr. Grice, is AWESOME. She is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. She is extremely skilled. I am in love with her touch. No other doctor or therapist has ever been able to help me the way that she does. She fixes the immediate problem and teaches you how to stay out of pain. She is not one of those airy fairy types, she is a real HEALER. I recommend her without any reservations.

For over 10 years, Dr. Laue has been a dedicated partner with me in my search for optimal health. After unsuccessfully trying conventional methods to improve and/or cure several serious physical issues, I received a recommendation to see Dr. Laue. Skeptical and a bit nervous at first, I went to see Dr. Laue, who explained that chiropractic is like peeling back an onion which gets to the root of the problem, and with patience, dedication, and desire on my part, I would begin to see positive results. I definitely saw improvement within the first month, and haven’t looked back since that first visit. Dr. Laue is a true blessing; a caring and determined doctor who took the time to understand me as a person, my needs, and identify the path back to healthy living. There are no words that can adequately express my appreciation for her hard work and dedication, except to say that I look forward to continuing the journey.

I have been seeing Dr. Brenda Laue for my chiropractic care now for about a month and can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to have found her. With her gentle chiropractic manipulation, her expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and her gifted use of the Graston Technique, Dr. Brenda Laue is a true healer. For over two years, I had been in chronic pain from a fall and non-related surgery. Dr. Brenda Laue worked to target problem areas using Graston Technique and successfully treated these areas, often with instantaneous results. She has worked with me on correctly performing exercises to help build my strength and flexibility. I am now stronger, more flexible, and feeling better than I have in years, thanks to Dr. Brenda Laue.

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